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What we do

Grün Rockt!


With GRÜN ROCKT! we have been making M‘era Luna greener since 2013. Less rubbish, less waste, less electricity and water consumption we are tackling in a playful, interactive way.

To find out more about the latest developments in sustainability and social commitment you can reach out to our NGOs at the festival and take part in their activities. M‘era Luna is a great place for going green!

If you have any questions or suggestions about sustainability, please contact us on sustainability@fkpscorpio.com.

Results 2022

After M'era Luna is before M'era Luna - we are always working on improving our processes and on making the festival more and more sustainable. While we are busy making plans for the next few years, take a look at the results we have achieved with Grün Rockt! in 2022.

You can find the results as a PDF here.

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Let's do our best to ensure that everybody feels like an equally important part of the festival and can enjoy their time here round the clock. Look out for one another!


Solidarity is important in any situation. In an emergency, however, it counts all the more. 
We will keep you updated throughout the festival as needed (storms or similar) on our different festival communication channels (festival app, Facebook, Instagram, M‘era Luna FM, video walls or the festival website).

To ensure that everybody feels safe at all times, we would ask you to please look out for one another and support each other in difficult situations. 

To find out more about security go here.

Join us

Simply being at “Grün Rockt!” is not enough, you want to take an active part? You are a member of an NGO, a charity, an initiative or organisation and committed to socially or ecologically sustainable goals?

We want to offer our green causes a stage and would be happy to have you here with your project. Contact us until 26.03.2023 on sustainability@fkpscorpio.com.

Green rocks, single-use plastic doesn’t!

Single-use plastic products such as straws, cutlery and stirrers have been banned from sale since 2020 for good reason and have also been banned from our production chains for some time. Join in and leave plastic confetti and cutlery at home - you can now find great alternatives for all of these products out of more sustainable materials.

Reusable systems

The returnable cup system has also been helping to reduce waste since 1997. You get your drinks in uniform-looking returnable cups that can simply be reused.

In the backstage areas, we will increasingly switch to reusable  containers from 2022. All staff members and crews are entitled to one free reusable water bottle per person, which can be refilled at free water dispensers throughout the festival grounds.

Viva con Agua

Since 2008, Viva con Agua has been present at our festivals, among others, and will be at the M'era Luna Festival again this year.

Water scarcity is one of the greatest social problems of the 21st century. That is why Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is committed to WASH projects (WASH = water, sanitation, hygiene) worldwide. Goal: To enable people in developing countries to have access to clean drinking water, sanitation, hygiene facilities and training.

Support these projects and donate your cup deposit. Just look out for the Viva con Agua supporters and their blue cup bins or drop by the Viva con Agua information booth to learn more about the WASH projects!

Click here or more information about Viva con Agua.


"All for loos! Loos for all!" - Goldeimer's artfully designed dry toilets support global sanitation projects with your contribution. In addition to all the comforts a toilet has to offer, the loo camps also offer reading material, music and the legendary “Superflitzer” game, so you’ll never need to worry about being bored there. The whole thing works almost without water and especially without chemicals. You can support the nonprofit organisation by purchasing a flat rate for the entire festival or by making a small contribution for single use.

To find out more about Goldeimer go here.