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Side Events

Fantastic highlights

Side events

As every year, we will create a wonderful supporting program for you at M'era Luna 2022, which will make the festival experience even truer. Besides interesting readings, the mysterious Crypt Talk and a brilliant warm-up party, we have many other highlights in store for you. But read for yourself.


Every year we welcome word virtuosos to a rendezvous. Well-known authors from the local literary scene come together to read from their bestsellers and new releases, which is invariably and mercilessly entertaining.

Markus Heitz

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How we loved listening to Markus Heitz in the virtual edition of the M'era Luna reading – but how we long to finally welcome the author back in person! His stories about dark figures take us into the worlds of fantasy and mysticism.

Markus Heitz reads from his current book "AERA2 – The Blackest Night": An atheist inspector investigates murder and more in an altered contemporary world full of real deities. Absolute suspense is preprogrammed!
After that, he allows us a sneak peek at the upcoming Dwarves double novel, "Heart of the Dwarves," which will be published in the fall of 2022. Wicked humor awaits!

Friday, 9:25 – 10:00 p.m., Disco Hangar


Lydia Benecke 

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This year, criminal psychologist Lydia Benecke presents incredible case histories of con artists of all stripes: impostors, faith healers, pathological liars – they are among us and often manage to deceive the public for years.

In her lecture "The Psychology of Manipulation: Of Love Swindlers, Gurus and Serial Killers" Lydia Benecke explains how narcissists and psychopaths act to gain attention, power and money.

Friday, 8:40 – 9:15 p.m., Disco Hangar

Isa Theobald

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When the author herself sends out the words to make an effort not to become too blasphemous in her reading, then that is probably the best tension builder. Isa Theobald reads from her novels "Requiem for Miss Artemisa Jones" and "Prayer for Miss Artemisia Jones" and presents us with her horror symphony laced with irony:

Artemisia Jones, virgin librarian in Victorian London, can hardly believe her luck when Lord Reginald Bullington, known in relevant circles for his eccentrically large occult library, offers her a position at his country estate. How could she have known that the venerable lord was not after her sorting skills and that the events at Clapford Manor would not only require an intervention by Satan himself, but would also end in a confrontation with God himself?

Friday, 8:00 – 8:35 p.m., Disco Hangar


Crypt Talk

We learned to love the Crypt Talk with Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost and M'era Luna head booker Stephan Thanscheidt during the two digital editions of M'era Luna. This year we can finally attend the talk live.

We're looking forward to exciting insights into the music world and background info on our beloved and too long missed festival.

Sunday, 10:30 – 11:20 a.m., Disco Hangar

Hold your breath and be excited, we will soon be waiting for you with the entire supporting program.

Warm-up and After-Show-Party

We start already on Friday evening before the festival with the legendary M'era Luna warm-up party, where finest dark tunes will be served to you. Get in the mood for an ecstatic weekend with the Dancefloor Gladiatorz, DJ Mike K. and DJ AndTrax.

But that's not all: On Saturday, after the last concert, the after-show party awaits you, where you can dance the last energy out of your body or end the day at the bar. In the Disco Hangar you can turn night into day with DJane Thenia AF and DJ Marc Urban.