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  • Accessibility

    As many music fans as possible should be able to visit our festival. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our guests with disabilities can also enjoy a relaxed and unforgettable festival visit. In perspective, we want to make our festival better and more accessible year after year. We are always happy to receive ideas and suggestions at barrierefrei@meraluna.de. 

  • Arrival

    Arrival by car

    If you want to arrive by car, you have the possibility to park right next to the "Special Needs Camp" or park on the “Special Needs Camp” if you will be sleeping in your car. There is also the possibility for day guests or people who are not staying overnight at the camp site to park here. 

    Please note that only one vehicle per group is allowed.

    To take advantage of this offer, please fill out our registration form under the heading "Registration".

    If you are brought by car, please contact us and we can give you an alternative to the general bring & pick up parking.

    Arrival by train

    At the train station Hildesheim, there are stair-free access possibilities, tactile guidance systems, speaker systems and a digital train display.

    Shuttle from Hildesheim train station to the festival area

    We have arranged a bus shuttle for you from Hildesheim station to the festival grounds. Some of the vehicles used can be accessed via a ramp. If a bus does not have a ramp, the next one will come soon.
    You can find more general information on how to get there HERE.

  • Ticket purchase

    For the M’era Luna Festival you need a regular festival pass, which you can easily buy in our ticket store.

    If you have a "B", "H" or "Bl" in your disabled pass, you can take an accompanying person to the festival free of charge - they don't need their own festival pass. 

  • Registration

    In order to provide you with a pleasant festival experience, we want to make sure that there is enough space at the Special Needs Camp and sufficient sanitary facilities.

    Therefore, registration to use the Special Needs Camp is mandatory.

    Please note that you can only use the camp if you have registered with us beforehand.

    Registration will be possible from April 2024.

  • Admission

    You have registered yourself and your friends for the Special Needs Camp? Then come all together to one of our counters. There you will receive your festival wristbands, the carpass and further information.
    Note: You and your friends all need your own festival pass - except for the free accompanying person.

    If you arrive by car, please come to our Backstage Check-In Guest in the Halle 39. This check in counter is accessible via step-free fixed footpaths. There are parking opportunities onsite.

    If you arrive by shuttle bus, we recommend the counter at Kasse / Bänder Ost. This one is not accessible by car and is located on a field.

    You will get a detailed info where the counters are and how to reach them from us by email a few days before the festival.

    You do NOT want to stay overnight or park at the Special Needs Camp, but you bring a free companion? You can come to any of our admissions and receive your festival wristbands there. To do so, simply bring your ticket and your severely disabled ID. Please note that we can only check in your companion if they arrive together with you.

    If you have any questions about the tickets, the admission or the visit of the M’era Luna Festival, please contact us by mail: barrierefrei@meraluna.de or by phone via our hotline: 01806 853 666 (Mon. - Fri. 11:00 - 15:00 / 0,20 €/call from landline, mobile max. 0,60 €/call).

  • Special Needs Camp

    In order to make the festival visit as pleasant as possible for our guests with disabilities, we have created the "Special Needs Camp". In order to use this offer, it is necessary to fill out our registration form under the point "Registration". In addition to the person accompanying you, you can bring up to three other friends with a valid festival pass to the "Special Needs Camp". In total, a group size of up to five people is allowed.

    In order to charge your medical, electronic aids, there is a power outlet at the "Special Needs Camp". The nearest power outlet may be a bit far away, so please bring an outdoor-suitable extension cord (50 m) for this purpose.*

    Please note that the "Special Needs Camp" is explicitly a voluntary service for our guests with disabilities.

    In general, you are welcome to camp on the regular sites. Please note, however, that there are only limited sanitary facilities for disabled people and there are no electricity connections. The trails may also be relatively long.

    *Please note that we can only provide electricity (240 volts) up to the distribution box, which can be located up to 50 meters away from your campsite. Use is only permitted for charging medically necessary equipment. For safety reasons, we must limit the maximum power of each outlet to 1,000 watts. The power is generated locally and is therefore susceptible to interference and voltage fluctuations. We assume no liability for the use of the power source or for any defects in equipment caused by voltage fluctuations or outages. We reserve the right to (temporarily) interrupt the power supply during extreme weather conditions for safety reasons.

  • Festival Grounds

    The M’era Luna takes place outdoors on meadows and fields. The terrain may be sandy, muddy or rocky in some places.

    On the event area (infield) cable bridges will be laid in some places. We try to lay flatter cable bridges on the main paths to make the paths more comfortable for you, but this is not possible everywhere on the terrain. However, there is usually always an alternative path to avoid cable bridges. 

  • Platforms

    In front of the Main Stage, on the left side (when looking in the direction of the stage), you will find two platforms for wheelchair users and people with dwarfism with a maximum of one accompanying person. The platform is accessible via a ramp. Depending on the occupancy, guests who have a disability but aren’t using a wheelchair can also stay there. In the immediate proximity of the platforms, you will also find wheelchair-accessible portable toilets, for our Special Needs Camp guests, regardless of the type of disability.

  • Sanitary facilities

    At the "Special Needs Camp" you will find an accessible sanitary station for people with a handicap. It has step-free access, a spacious, water-flushed toilet, and a spacious shower. Other than that, you’ll find wheelchair-friendly portable toilets on the Special Needs Camp as well.

    At the regular campsites and on the Infield you can find a wheelchair accessible portable toilet at each sanitary station. These are accessible by wheelchair at ground level and are slightly larger to allow transfer from/to wheelchairs. 

  • Medication

    You can bring your medication to the festival without any problems. A doctor's certificate of necessity for prescription medications ensures that you can bring them to the festival and event area.

    Medication that needs to be kept refrigerated can be handed in to the medical staff in the medical tents. The medicines will be safely stored there for you.

  • Light effects

    It is possible that strobe and lighting effects will be used in the shows, which may cause epileptic seizures in some people.

  • Security

    Our security service is there to help you with words and deeds. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason or need help, our staff, recognizable by their red vests, will be happy to assist you. There are also paramedics on site who can help you at any time. 
    In case of a medical emergency, call 112 - if you don't have a cell phone, ask others to make the emergency call or talk to a steward. If you ever feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, you can always ask any person working onsite for “Panama” or directly contact our Panama-Guides.

  • Assistance Dogs

    For the protection of your pet and other visitors, unfortunately, assistance dogs are not allowed.