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  • By Plane

    By Plane

    1. Hannover Airport

    The Airport is located 50km north of the festival site. You can fly from various cities (Amsterdam, Birmingham, Barcelona, Brussels, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Milano, Kiew, Vienna, Zürich and many more) directly to Hannover (www.hannover-airport.de).

    2. Check in @ M’era Luna Airport

    Upon arrival on Friday 5th of August (10:00 AM), you’ll find our staff (no worries, you’ll recognise them!) at the “Arrival Level B” (Ankunftsebene, Halle B) or in front at the VIP Parking lane  – where our shuttles to the festival are!

    3. Transfer to festival

    You can book your transfer to the festival directly with our lovely staff at the airport!

    • €15,- one way (Friday 5th of August 10am – 8pm)
    • €30,- return (Monday 8th of August 10am – 2pm)


    4. VIP Check In at M'era Luna

    Arriving by Shuttle at the festival site, you will get your wristbands at the exclusive Check In at Counter East.

    (Please note that a minimum passenger attendance is required and waiting times up to 60 minutes can occur.)

    We wish you a great trip to our festival!

    Many thanks to the staff of Hannover Airport!

  • By rail


    The train station of Hildesheim can be reached by ICE, S-Bahn and regional train. There you can easily take the shuttle bus or the regular bus to the festival. The buses stop directly at the station square. Please pay attention to the signs on site.

  • By car etc.

    Please follow the festival signs as soon as they come into sight – and not your sat nav!

    Parking and camping are in separate areas. German traffic regulations (StVO) apply throughout the festival grounds. Parking spaces will be allocated, please follow the instructions of the traffic management service at all times. In the interests of all guests, it is important to leave the access roads as quickly as possible. Please note that the car park is not supervised.

    No types of trailers that are attached behind a car are allowed on the campsite and they must be left in the car park. Guests who come by motorcycle can use the Trailer Park free of charge.

    Flugplatz Drispenstedt
    31137 Hildesheim

    Important: The police will be rigorous in removing cars from Hottelner Weg! 

    Drop off / pick up:
    There will be a bus stop and a pick-up car park. You can find their locations on the site plan >>