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The timetable and first information about the social program are here!

We are waiting with happy customers.

M'era Luna is casting its shadow ahead: plan your music weekend with the timetable on our website. But that's not all: Apart from the fact that the most important point of the program is our reunion, today we also publish the first points of the supporting program, which you can find below. 

But before that we have another news for you: The Crüxshadows unfortunately have to cancel their gig. Instead Combichrist have announced themselves, whose energetic show will demand everything from you.

While the curriculum of the M'era Luna Academy is still waiting for the approval of the Society for Midnight Education, we already allow you a first insight into the other supporting program:

Look forward to the following readings and lectures: Author Markus Heitz will give a taste each from "AERA2 - The Blackest Night" and "The Heart of the Dwarves". Isa Theobald reads from "Requiem for Miss Artemisia Jones" and "Prayer for Miss Artemisia Jones." Criminal psychologist Lydia Benecke lectures on "The Psychology of Manipulation: Of Love Swindlers, Gurus and Serial Killers."

Dance into the wee hours at the official festival warm-up with the Dancefloor Gladiatorz, DJ Mike K. and DJ AndTrax. On Saturday, turn night into day with DJane Thenia AF and DJ Marc Urban.

You've come to love the Crypt Talk with Chris Harms of Lord of the Lost and M'era Luna head booker Stephan Thanscheidt during the two digital editions of M'era Luna. This year you can experience the background talk to the music world live! Where. On Sunday, 07.08. at the Disco Hangar from 10:30 - 11:20.

More news will follow soon...


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