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The M'era Luna Academy

Year after year, we come together as a community and celebrate our love for music. However, we are united by much more. An interest in the occult and past eras, a penchant for unique outfits - the list goes on.
M'era Luna means coming home for all of us. Being the way we are. In the most beautiful place surrounded by the most beautiful people. That's why, for years, we've made it a point to treat you to an extensive social program at our annual gathering, where you can let your hair down and be inspired to the fullest. 


On Friday the annual Crypt Talk with M'era Luna head booker Stephan Thanscheidt and Chris Harms from Lord Of The Lost will take place. Come by and experience a behind-the-scenes look between festival organizer and artist. Saturday and Sunday will be enriched by make-up workshops and a medieval dance. On Sunday you can also listen to a reading by Lydia Benecke and lectures on astrophotography.

Come by and sign up for our Academy workshops now.