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Amatekuro is the icon of M'era Luna 2023

There is a science which already so often predicted phenomena which were provable only much later: Mathematics! Inspired by its power, we gathered the best mathematicians - with one goal: to calculate the probability of the next appearance of the Amatekuro.

Her goings-on in the universe caught our attention, as she is attracted by extreme emotions. Investigations at the M'era Luna 2022 could confirm: The emotional climate in Hildesheim reaches a frequency where Amatekuro has already been observed.

And now our mathematicians* could also present the pleasing result that Amatekuro will be visible in the sky with 97.6% probability on a starry night between August 12 and 13, 2023. It can be recognized by a combination of three phenomena: 1. a star, brighter but smaller than the sun, on the side of which 2. a blue star can be seen and 3. the matter near these stars appears distorted and finally disappears.

Quietly, we will observe the icon so as not to get too close to the event horizon of the black hole in its belly. 

Here you can read her whole story!