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Probably the most enigmatic and equally destructive herald of doom is Amatekuro (roughly translated: black sun), a being unanimously believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Information about it is only very vague, even though its traces can be found in the myths and legends of many long-dead advanced civilizations. However, Amatekuro appears first and most in Japanese mythology. There, she is usually depicted as a fundamentally benevolent sun goddess, but many temple frescoes and shamanic writings suggest darker traits. Since many writings cannot be clearly translated, one is not sure of the exact circumstances, but everything points to the fact that Amatekuro is an extraterrestrial, universal entity, which is attracted by extreme emotions and travels through the universe driven by them. A planet with a completely peaceful population and a high degree of harmony as the predominant emotion may attract her interest as well as a warring star system with high levels of anger and despair. The characteristics of her appearance vary: At times Amatekuro is draped in rings, necklaces, and jewelry whose gems are "white dwarfs," or dead stars, one eye of brilliant blue while glistening sunlight shines from the other; at other times she is wearing a floating crown of meteorite shards around her head. In ancient East Asian myths she wears a flowing kimono, in modern interpretations tight-fitting leather as black as the endless space between the stars. Common to all descriptions is that Amatekuro has six arms, in some of whose hands she levitates stars, planets and comets, and carries a black hole in the middle of her body. Prophecies state that any planet or star that Amatekuro gets too close to will inevitably be doomed. Why this is, can only be conjectured. It is assumed, however, that the entity possesses such a high mass and with it gravity that any matter is inevitably attracted, crushed and devoured. Thus, should the emotional climate of a world change to one extreme or the other, the arrival of this icon should be expected.

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