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  • Camping

    General rules

    Camping is only possible with the M’era Luna Festival Pass. Camping on the campsites established for this purpose is possible from Friday  from 11 a. m. until Monday at 10 a. m. You can only camp with the combined ticket. Wild camping is not permitted.

    Please note the following: 

    • Keep the marked escape routes in the camping area clear.
    • Open fires are strictly forbidden on the entire grounds!
    • There is a noise curfew between 2.00 a. m. and 8.00 a. m.
    • It is forbidden to bring and/or set off Bengal or any other fireworks! Infringements will be punished at least by a yellow ribbon.

    If you want to camp with a group, you should arrive together – please understand that our security staff are not responsible for bringing individual groups together.

    Guests with motorbikes may use the trailer parks free of charge to park their bikes right next to their own tent.

    Toilets & showers
    The sanitary facilities on the campsites have showers and flushing toilets. In addition, numerous mobile toilets are also available. See site plan for locations.

    Deposit collection ban
    The commercial collection of recyclables (especially deposit bottles, metals) on the festival grounds for the purpose of marketing recyclables is only permitted with the organiser’s prior written consent. Anyone violating the ban on commercial collection may be punished by confiscation of the collected recyclables. In addition, they may be evicted from the festival site immediately. Usual quantities for festival guests in terms of type and volume will be accepted.

    Each guest shall be liable for any damage they cause. 

    We put a lot of heart and soul, time and effort into decorating our festival grounds to make the festival a great experience for you. Therefore, we would ask all guests to please pay our work the respect it deserves. Anyone who defies this rule and removes, misappropriates, defaces or in any other way destroys our decorations will at least face a yellow card.

    DOs & DON'Ts

    What is allowed on the festival grounds?
    There are security checks at the entrances, where your luggage will be screened. Please bear in mind that these checks are also for your own protection. 

    Schneller durch die Gepäckkontrolle - mit der Fast Lane!

      + Bring it!

    • Tents and tent materials
    • Tent accessories such as camping chairs, camping tables, a normal pavilion (3x3 metres) per camp (applies to around 10 people – if larger groups are camping together, more pavilions are allowed accordingly)
    • Disposable barbecues, small tripod barbecues, charcoal lighters
    • Gas cookers with gas cartridges (cartridges up to max. 450 g)
    • Beverage kegs (up to 5 l), beverage cans, plastic bottles, tetra-paks
    • Locksmith hammer up to 300 g and rubber mallet up to 400 g
    • Jars up to 500 ml with cooking and food products (e. g. jam / Nutella / pickles)



      - Leave it!

    • Glass bottles / glass containers
    • Big gas cylinders
    • Barbecue Grills
    • Outsize structures such as party tents or similar
    • Furniture such as sofas, armchairs, big tables
    • Building materials, bulky wastes
    • Power generators, electricity units, external car batteries
    • (Car) trailers
    • Dry ice
    • Liquid barbecue lighters
    • Refrigerators
    • Megaphones, laser pointers
    • Firearms, knives, daggers and weapons of any kind
    • Saws, axes, hatchets and similar tools
    • Fireworks, sparklers, catapults and other pyrotechnical items of any description (incl. Bengal Fire)
    • Animals of all kinds
    • Locksmith hammers over 300 g and rubber mallets over 400 g and all other types of hammers


    Camping items directly at the festival and at fair prices!

    Since 2010, helgaa has been offering you the opportunity to buy camping items such as pavilions, chairs, luma, sleeping bags, tents, etc. directly at the festival. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also order online in advance. You then only need to pick up your ordered items on site. You can also get accessories such as pegs, duct tape, etc. from helgaa.
    You will find the helgaa stand directly on the campsite.

    And now helgaa has the camping chairs in the official festival design for you!

    More information and the possibility of pre-ordering is available at www.helgaa-festival.de

    Rent A Tent

    You want to relax on your journey to the festival? Without rushing and time pressure, with minimal baggage and stuff to carry? You want to take part in the festival and sleep in a tent although you don't have your own camping gear? Then mein-zelt-steht-schon (My tent is ready) has got you covered! Simply  book a tent and the stuff you need before the festival, and it will be ready-built and waiting for you on site. 


    Enjoy your M'era Luna to the fullest - without worrying about your valuables. SafeBOXes lockers keep your valuables safe in an easily accessible location. Built-in power outlets let you power your tech gadgets. The entire locker system at M'era Luna is supervised and monitored on the day of the event until the end of the event. We recommend you to book your locker online before the event. If there are enough lockers left, you can also book them on site.

  • Camping in a tent

    The tent camping areas are divided into the regular campsite and the Gothic Garden area (with your own tent or in pre-erected tent accommodation).

    Camping at the Gothic Garden

    Want to camp in your own tent but with more space and other amenities to make your festival experience more pleasant? Then pitch up at the Gothic Garden.

    Camping at the Gothic Garden with tent accommodation

    Don't feel like lugging your tent around? Then check out the Gothic Garden. Here you can move into a super cosy tent. You can find details on the offers of mein-zelt-steht-schon for the regular camping site here.

  • Camper Vans

    Each vehicle will need a camper van ticket.

    Camper van
    A camper van is a vehicle that provides fixed sleeping and living space in accordance with the number of passengers in the vehicle.

    A caravan is a trailer that is permitted on public roads, which provides fixed sleeping and living space in accordance with the number of passengers in the drawing vehicle.

    The following are admitted:
    Estate cars with two people and corresponding installations (even if temporary), passenger cars with caravans, passenger cars with trailers with corresponding installations (even if temporary).

    The following are not admitted:
    Nine-seaters with 9 passengers, estate cars with more than two passengers, small cars (e. g. VW Polo)

    Awnings / pagodas
    awning or one pagoda may be attached to the caravan. Small or large tents with additional sleeping space are not permitted. Security will check compliance with this rule strictly, in order to guarantee sufficient space for all trailer park residents. The total length of the vehicle must be no longer than 11 metres and the permissible total weight no more than 3.5 tonnes. In the case of a car / trailer combination (e. g. car with caravan), the tractor must remain permanently hitched before the trailer in order to be able to manoeuvre at all times.

    On site
    Since it is not possible to check the camper van when the ticket is being purchased, we reserve the right to refuse vehicles access to the intended site if they do not comply with the above rules. A refund of the already paid trailer park ticket is ruled out.

    WoMo Power-Claims

    Dear friends of allotment garden culture, you can now book your own claim on the Campervan grounds. One claim is an area of approx. 32 m², fully equipped with 16 ampere power supply (up to 2,000 Watts). Just bring your own Schuko-extension cable (ø 2,5 mm², min. 50 m long).

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