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The Aged Child

The secret circles of iconoclasts – iconologists who have set themselves the task of stopping the work of the heralds and thereby also the cataclysm – more or less agree that the Aged Child is a kind of primaeval power, which is to a large extent part of the spirit world but is also of astrophysical origin. In direct light, the apparition resembles a little girl with long black hair. In the dark, in the shade or when twilight falls, she turns into an ancient, stooping, white-haired woman. She seems to be a kind of manifestation of a fragment of the concept of time. While the surroundings of the girl’s manifestation seem to breathe a sigh of relief, and benefits are felt by all life around her, her aged counterpart has exactly the opposite effect. The girl seems to be responsible for relaxation, recovery, fertility of the land and the animals, health and a general feeling of time pleasantly expanding. The aged woman, however, seems to speed up deteriorating health, spread decay, cause stable structures to begin to crumble and living beings to become more and more restless, stressed and gradually aggressive.

The old woman is blamed for many global and local disasters such as landslides, mining accidents and earthquakes. In some places, the little girl has been sighted just before catastrophe strikes. Even though no one has ever been able to witness the change from child to aged woman, researchers more or less agree that they are the same “person”, despite the sometimes immense distance between the manifestation of the two entities. However, in recent times, sightings of the aged woman and the child have grown closer together. Some experts see the global rise in hereditary diseases as a sign that the two Aged Child entities are slowly approaching one another. But nobody can predict what effects the universe will suffer when decay and rebirth occupy the same place ...

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