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Cecilia Sceletus

The first descriptions of the Cecilia Sceletus phenomenon can be traced back to the mid-13th century. Allegedly, she was a nun at a small Italian monastery, which no longer exists today. She was falsely accused of something and burned at the stake. Ever since, she has been sighted at irregular intervals, and her appearance can either be a blessing or a curse. Peasants christened her Cecilia (“the blind”) and Sceletus. Sceletus may sound sinister, but it is merely a combination of Sceleratis (“unholy”) and Sanctus (“holy”). If you meet this unholy saint by day, you will hardly notice her. She rarely makes eye contact. People generally only notice a woman in white out of the corner of their eye – a woman who helps with chores, who supports people or who intervenes when conflicts escalate. Unverified sources describe a nun dressed in white lace and a face with no eyes. At night, however, Cecilia Sceletus transforms into the grotesque reverse of her daytime appearance. Dressed in black from head to toe, her face is nothing but a black hole of seemingly endless depth. She is said to predominantly haunt senior religious leaders, inciting them to all sorts of vile machinations, sowing resentment and lust for power and prompting inhumane practices that filter from the top down to the religious community until the inherently good core of each religion becomes a bitter seed of discord.

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