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Grün Rockt!

Waste & Recycling

Give us your litter!

Mountains of litter and a trashed camp – we can do better than that! If you want to save yourself a trip to the recycling station, simply use our festival waste collection service. Every rubbish bag you drop off will contribute to a greener festival and can even help others.

In addition, you will find over 50 rubbish pens spread around the campsite, where you can also dispose of your litter. You can identify them by the banner with the inscription “Give us your litter!”.

Yellow is green

Together with the yellow sack (Rotenburg’s Dual System) we started a trial run for the first time in 2019 and we’re able to achieve an even better waste separation at the recycling stations thanks to your support!
How exactly does that work? 

  • When you get your wristband you will also receive a yellow sack in addition to your normal rubbish bag.
  • You can use it for all your lightweight packaging materials (Green Dot). 
  • At the recycling stations you will find an extra container where all yellow sacks are collected – just drop them off there.

What can go in?

  • Lightweight packaging of any kind: aluminium trays/foils, tubes, tins, tetra-paks, biscuit packaging, yoghurt pots, pasta bags, composite and plastic packaging

What should not go in there?

  • Camping mats, tents, tent poles, cigarettes, etc.

Please make sure to only place litter in the yellow sack that belongs there. An incorrectly filled yellow sack can make the contents of the entire container useless.


Rubbish is just rubbish? Wrong! With the help of sorting processes in professional facilities, some valuable and recyclable materials can still be extracted from festival wastes and fed back into the cycle. To ensure this, we work according to a systematic waste concept and have a comprehensive waste separation infrastructure in place. Together with you, we can remove litter from the site as clean, dry and well-separated wastes. 

Please drop off your rubbish at the designated recycling station. The station is marked on the M’era Luna site plan.

Opening hours:

  • Friday till Sunday 09:00 a. m. to 01:00 p. m. and 02:00 p. m. to 06:00 p. m.
  • Monday 08:00 a. m. to 12:00 a. m.

But dropping waste is not the only reason why the way to the recycling stations is totally worth it. We have plans – stay tuned!


Tents are not trash!
Since tents can be used more than once, we would ask you to please take your own tent home with you.
You can drop off damaged tents directly at the recycling station or the rubbish pens, where they can be disposed of separately from household wastes.
Abandoned tents are a major obstacle for clean-up operations after the festival, and tent poles and tent cords in particular are extremely difficult to sort.

BagUp – your individual festival bag

BagUp Hamburg is a still young company that produces unique weatherproof bags from used festival tarpaulins. In addition to the environmental aspect, social sustainability is a priority at BagUp: In a small design and sewing workshop in the south of Hamburg, socially disadvantaged people get a secure job with fair pay. Our festival banners do not end up on the garbage, but become an individual accessory for real festival fans!

Check out the onlineshop for more information and a sneak peak at the awesome products!

Emissions & Environmental Expenditure

Climate protection with atmosfair

Since early 2018, we have offered our touring bands the option of reducing the carbon footprint of their tour vehicles by atmosfair offset projects. In 2019, we took it a step further and now offset all our team’s flights via atmosfair. 

All donations will go to projects such as: "Rwanda: Efficient Stoves".


Food concept

Since 2015, we have focused increasingly on regional and/or organic providers. In addition, we attach great importance to offering more vegan and vegetarian choices, as well as cooperating with suppliers from the region.
To waste less food you can bring non-perishable and unopened items to the food sharing information booth. Then your food can be donated to the food bank or to other festival-goers. 

Food sharing/food bank

The motto at this year’s M’era Luna festival will once again be: „Food sharing – to good to waste!“. Food you no longer want to take home with you and that has not yet been opened or is non-perishable can be dropped off or traded at the food sharing information booth.
Additionally, you can drop off non-perishable and unopened food items as a donation for the local food bank at the recycling station, at the food sharing tent, or on the day of departure. 
To find out more about food sharing go here.