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Pre-Sale Info

We are still overwhelmed by our family reunion - and for that we say THANK YOU! Unfortunately, next year we will again face some financial challenges, as the situation in the event industry has still not completely returned to normal.

Therefore, there are a few changes that we would like to explain to you transparently here:

There will be no more 666 tickets. In the last few years, they have always sold out after just a few seconds, and that has caused you much more resentment than the 666 lucky ones could be happy about.

To compensate for this and in the sense of more fairness for everyone, we have therefore increased the first price level. We will have four price tiers for 2024 (New Moon, Crescent, Full Moon, and Blood Moon Tickets), each with an equal share of the 25,000 M'era Luna Ticket quota.

  • Neumond tickets: 125€
  • Halbmond tickets: 135€
  • Vollmond tickets: 145€
  • Blutmond tickets: 155€

From 2024, a parking fee of €10/car will be introduced. We will take this step to compensate for the steadily increasing costs for space provision and management while at the same time being able to keep our ticket prices stable. The price remains the same, no matter how many of you are traveling in one car - carpooling is therefore worthwhile!

We struggled with ourselves for a long time and think that we have found a fair way to deal with the price increases of recent years on the one hand and to be able to offer you the M'era Luna ticket as cheaply as possible on the other. In this way, we can continue to organize a festival for you on a level that you know and deserve from us.

Pre-sale starts today, Monday, August 14th, 6pm.