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Ticket prices

You don't talk about money - that's what our parents taught us. But today we feel obliged to do the exact opposite and reveal to you what the ticket pricing for M'era Luna 2023 will look like and why.

As you can see in almost every area of life, everything is getting more expensive. The pandemic has also acted as a catalyst here, so that we as organizers were in a financial dilemma this year: Ticket revenue based on a calculation from 2019, but production costs anno 2022. This year we closed our eyes and went through this situation with all the consequences, because we promised you at the time. But in the coming year, we can no longer afford to do so. We were therefore forced to think about a price increase so that we can continue to offer you such an opulent festival.

And here we are - caught between wish and necessity. But for us it was clear from the beginning: We want to give you the chance to buy cheap tickets for M'era Luna. That's why we are now explaining the price class system to you transparently and in detail:

There will be four price classes.

  • 666 ticket // 99€
  • Half moon ticket // 119€
  • Full moon ticket // 129€
  • Blood moon ticket // 139€

As always, we start with the highly coveted 666 tickets, whose contingent we double this year to 1332 tickets, so that more of you get the chance to get the cheapest price level. We have divided the following tiers equally.

We would be infinitely happy to see as many of you as possible next year and think we have found a good middle ground with this pricing and hope for your understanding of this necessity.

With love,
Your M'era Luna Team