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  • Admission


    You will be allowed to access the campsite and festival grounds only with a festival wristband. Your wristband will be attached to your wrist at the admission checkpoint when you present your valid festival or day pass.

    Security checks 
    With your festival wristband, you can visit and leave the site at your leisure within the festival hours. A security check will be required each time you enter. Please bear in mind that these checks are also for your own protection. 
    In order to access the event grounds as quickly as possible, please observe the following:

    • Glass bottles and glasses of any kind are prohibited on the entire event grounds. 
    • Bags and backpacks of any kind larger than DIN A4 cannot be taken onto the event grounds.
    • Shoe bags/gymbags/jute bags up to DIN A4 may be taken onto the event site if they are transparent on at least one side.
    • Bum bag and waist bags may be taken onto the event site.

    What to bring to the event grounds?
    There are security checks at the entrances. Please bear in mind that these checks are also for your own protection.

        + Bring it!

    • Liquid personal hygiene and health products up to 100 ml (max. 2 per person) in suitable plastic containers
    • Empty, foldable drinking bottles / tetra-paks / drinking tubes up to 1 litre
    • Open reusable plastic / cardboard drinking cups up to 0.5 litres
    • One packed lunch per person for your own consumption
    • Umbrellas, rain poncho


        - Leave it!

    • Filled tetra-paks / drinking bottles
    • Glass bottles / glass containers of any kind
    • Cans, canisters, drink rucksacks and plastic bottles
    • Laser pointers
    • External car batteries
    • Firearms, knives, daggers and weapons of any kind
    • Saws, axes, hatchets and similar tools
    • Fireworks, sparklers, catapults and other pyrotechnical items of any description (e. g. Bengal Fire)
    • Chairs and other kinds of seating (e. g. Styrofoam cubes)
    • Recording devices: professional audio, photo or video equipment
    • Animals of all kinds
    • Bulky items such as flagpoles, selfie sticks, large umbrellas, other camping equipment, motorbike helmets
  • U18

    Information for parents and children


    Children under the age of 6

    As a general rule, we do not allow babies and small children, i.e. children under the age of six, entry to the festival.


    Children (six to 14 years) and young people (14 to 18 years)

    A music festival represents a significant burden for children - i.e. people under the age of 14 - (loudness, crowds, etc.). We therefore recommend not taking children to the festival.

    The participation of children (over six years of age) and young people (i.e. people between the ages of 14 and 18) in the festival is determined by the persons with legal guardianship. Usually these are the parents. The persons entitled to legal custody have the duty and the right to care for the minor. Ultimately, the person with legal custody makes the decision about arrival and stay at the festival.

    Minors who are at least six years old (see above) may be accompanied either by a person with legal custody (usually a parent) or in the company of a so-called parental representative and with written permission from the person with legal custody (so-called “Feierzettel”) and one Keep a copy of the ID card of the person with legal guardianship at the festival. The minor must always carry written permission and a copy of their ID with them.

    Furthermore, the legal restrictions apply to the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages and to the distribution of tobacco products and smoking. During a child protection check, children and young people who are drunk or smoking are sent home immediately.

  • Infopoint

    Info point

    The Info point is located opposite the entrance to the event area. In addition to information on all important festival matters, you will find the following there: 

    • Info about workshops within the Academy
    • Sale of disco tickets